ZTE Axon 7 Receives New Major Update — Now Supports 256GB Memory Expansion and Night Mode As well

Mid last year, ZTE took off the wraps from their Snapdragon 820 powered Axon 7 flagship smartphone. Since its launch till date, this handset has proven to be the real deal as it has been raking in cash for the manufacturer with many people showing their interest in it even almost a year after it was launched.

Seeing this success, the manufacturer has dished out a new update for this device. This new update, however, is only going to be enjoyed by the users staying in the US for now, but we have hope that it will be made available to other Axon 7 users in the surrounding nations in the next few weeks or so.

zte axon 7 night mode

This new update happens to be a major update as it brings to the table the table a new build called B25. This new build has been brought up to tackle all the disturbances and bugs experienced since this handset made official the Android Nougat operating system it.

The Axon 7 was made expandable, nonetheless, all you could opt for was 128GB with a microSD card. Now, with this new update, users can bring on an additional 256GB storage. That’s not all though, a niche night mode has also been added and users will now be able to disable stock apps.

ZTE Axon 7

Users had reported that they had issues using Wi-Fi to make calls along with many other glitches, all of this bids and annoyances have been fixed or improved. The new B25 build might just be what this smartphone need to stand against other smartphones launched out this year.

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