ZeroLemon Releases A 9,000mAh Power Brick For The LG V10 That Doubles As A Casing

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The LG V10 is a remarkable smartphone even by LG’s standards. The device sports everything that a regular smartphone user usually wishes for their handset to have; a removable 3000mAh battery, expandable memory and that secondary ticker screen makes LG V10 a standout device in an overly populated smartphone space.

But poor software optimization has seen the V10’s power drain like it is being powered by a 100mAh battery. The south Korean company might have foreseen this problem and has tried to keep the flames from expanding by throwing in an extra battery with a spare charger when a new device is purchased. Despite their best efforts, many users still complained of the poor battery life span with some stating that they have 6hrs of medium use at best.

Extended Power supply for the LG v10

ZeroLemon, a company specialized in high capacity batteries and battery-powered smartphone cases has added a new entry which is geared towards solving the power problems of V10 owners. ZeroLemon’s new cover can be doubled up as an extended 9,000mAh battery for your smartphone — which technically is walking around with three spare LG V10 batteries.

Extended Power supply for the LG v10

The company previously wanted to manufacture an extended battery that could fit in the battery compartment of devices without any pass through ports but that idea was ditched because of the slim build of the V10 not being able to accommodate a 9000mAh cell. The OEM later sort to design a customized cover which offers extra protection by covering all four corners of the phone but also houses the extended power pack.

Extended Power supply for the LG v10
The cover is made out of Thermoplastic polyurethane (a grippy plastic that phone covers are made of), with cutouts for the headphone jack, rear buttons, volume rockers, flash module and charging port.
With three times the capacity of your stock V10 battery, chances are you could use your phone for three days on a single charge if used averagely.

Extended Power supply for the LG v10
Like with every tech out there, there are downsides which in this case, has to do with the large battery cover that makes your phone a wwhopping 17.88mm thick and also renders support for NFC (near field communication) useless.
If you are one that doesn’t mind the extra bulkiness and hate having to regularly charge your phone, this should be a great buy and with a $60 price tag, it sure is cheaper than buying three spare batteries.

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