You Can Now Unofficially Install Android TV On Any PC Of Your Choice

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Everyone knows Android. Billions of people love it too. Well, Android TV is in it’s most basic form, Android for TVs.

Google’s OS for smart Televisions shares the same source code with the company’s software for smartphones and tablets, however, it does feature a custom UI specifically designed for easy navigation with the use of a remote control and a big screen TV with lots of apps that support similar features.

The easiest way to use Android TV is to just buy a TV or a TV box that already runs the software, but the good news is that now, you’re at liberty to install an unofficial version of Android TV on any PC of your choice (specs considered of course).

Google is hereby letting you experience the UI of the Android TV on your laptop, desktop or tablet, and also, the option to plug that computer into a TV  just in case you want to test Android TV without buying new hardware.

android tv x86_05

We found that Developer Geek Till It Hertz has been working on a modified version of Android-x86 that features Google’s Leanback Launcher among other Android TV apps, and he says that “almost everything works” in Build 2 of the OS .

WiFi works, the UI (User Interface) works and there are neither any tablet-style Android buttons at the bottom of the screen nor a navigation bar presently. You can also access the Android TV-style settings.

You shouldn’t forget that this version is unofficial software and it might be a bit buggy. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try since the installation process is as easy as installing Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution on your PC.

Or if all you just need is to use your PC as a media center, you’re at liberty to install apps like Kodi, Plex, or Media Portal without loading up a whole new OS on the device. Check out the video below:

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