You Can Now Download 252KB Facebook Lite App for Android (Play Store Link)

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Facebook quietly launched a lite version of its Android app last week for emerging markets and users with low-end phones or slower internet data connections (2G networks) can download it from the Play Store.

The Facebook Lite app is 252KB in size and is claimed to provide quick loading and low bandwidth usage. However, upon initial testing, we found the app much like the mobile version of except without videos in the feed.

A good feature is push notifications, which means you no longer have to continuously refresh your mobile browser to check for new posts and messages. Your Facebook messages can also be accessed directly through the app, without having to install the messenger companion.

While the Lite app doesn’t require a lot of space, it was still a little sluggish and lacking in terms of user experience. It took a lot of time for us to switch between tabs and scrolling was also slow.

Facebook Lite App for Android

Currently you can download Facebook Lite in a limited number of countries because the company is still testing it. Apart from low memory and network speed requirements, the app will also run on all Android devices down to the ones which have Android 2.2 installed.

The Facebook Lite app has been welcomed by most users, mainly because the original Facebook app is not only a huge download but also bloated enough to slowdown high-end phones.

The lite version is considerably lighter, less resource intensive and more bandwidth friendly. You can download it from the Play Store using the link below, and if you do, we’d love to hear your feedback on it.

Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free
  • Facebook Lite Screenshot
  • Facebook Lite Screenshot
  • Facebook Lite Screenshot

Not available in your country? You can still download and try the Facebook Lite app.

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