Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi X Sells Out in Under 60 Seconds

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Amongst the many device Xiaomi had unveiled over the past few weeks are the Xiaomi Mi X and Xiaomi Mi Note 2 which went on sale some days back. These handsets just went on sale for the second time and again and sold out within the first minute that they went officles.

Given the fact that there is a whole load of people dispersed around the world that have put plans in place to lay hands on one of these devices. Nonetheless, with this much interested buyers, we believe many found it hard to reload the sales page and eventually, when they did, it must have sold out.


Whilst the Mi Note 2 spent longer time than the Xiaomi Mi X, it is important to know that both these devices were out of stock in less than 60 seconds with the Mi X just lasting less than 30 seconds whereas the Mi Note 2 spent a few more seconds online.

Potential buyers would have felt a bit hurt as not everyone was able to get to buy the device forcing a lot of people to place reservations instead.


On the other hand, we are still waiting for the Mi Mix to go on sale again although we believe that the device wouldn’t be produced on mass scale as the folks over at Xiaomi are currently finding it hard due to lack of enough materials to make the ceramic body.

Nonetheless, we know that they have out plans in place to see to it that they get more of these materials to produce this device on the mass scale. The double 11 sales would kick off on the 11th of November and that’s where the next round of sales would

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