Xiaomi Mi Band 1 and 2 Are Up On GearBest For Respective Valentine Sale Prices Of $15.73 And $12.99

Are you looking for a cheap fitness tracker? Or are you someone undecided on what kind of fitness band to suit your preference and would like to start with something simple first? Maybe you are not sure about shelling out a huge lump of cash on pricey smartwatches at the moment? then you are in luck as Xiaomi’s $15 Mi Band, might just be your go to fitness device.

After the aforementioned company revealed the lightweight wrist wear, it sold millions of it in its home country and – China – and some six million extra in other markets around the globe.

And as you might have guessed the Chinese OEM is looking to further push its Mi Band fitness device to even more regions for a general availability.

xiaomi miband1 2

The said countries include the US, UK, neighboring countries in Asia, and a few others  more in Europe. Below is a breakdown of the compelling features the Xiaomi Mi Band has to offer.


The device comes with no visible display and has an oval shaped aluminum alloy sensor in a polycarbonate body casing which is outfitted to a hypoallergenic rubber band. It comes in multiple colors including Black (default), yellow, light green, orange, blue and pink.

In the companion app, you can choose left hand, right hand or neck placement.  Unlike other activity trackers which are sometimes bulky and a bit uncomfortable to wear, weighing 5.0 grams the Mi Band is ultralight and fits perfectly so much so that it is unnoticeable.

The Mi Band carries an IP67 certification — essentially guarantees the unit can withstand light to medium exposures of natural elements that include rain and dust — including a fair amount of abuse under water for some 30mins or so.

Instead of featuring a generic display like most fitness bands, the device is fitted with three LED lights which can be customized to show progress on the Mi Fit app as you may want it.


Sleep and activity tracking

The fitness wristband uses heart rate sensors to monitor sleep and also tracks distances covered and steps taken to put into estimate the number of calories burned each day. It tracks how active you are per day and breaks your day down into walks, runs, and other activities.

Using Bluetooth version 4.0 Mi Band works well with other fitness tracking apps and doesn’t need to be continually synced all through day, and it is also compatible with Android version 4.4 and Apple IOS 7.0 systems and above.


Non-Fitness Features

Xiaomi’s fitness band also come with a few nifty features other than the standard fitness bundles and they include an alarm notifier and a missed call reminder.

You can link your Mi Band with your Mi account to unlock your phone automatically when your Mi band is in Bluetooth range or by only swiping the screen and not being prompted to put in a passcode. The unlocking feature requires MIUI and Android version 5.0.

Companion App

Compared to most fitness apps, Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app is pretty basic, but It does keep track of total activities and steps, a graph showing how close you are to hitting your daily goals as well as a weekly chart.

xiaomi miband 1

The app has an everyday notifier, showing your days’ progress before going to bed and your target for the day when you wake up.


Charging and Battery Life

The battery can last for 30 days on a single charge. The Mi Band comes with a proprietary charger which has a docking for the aluminum alloy module and can charge from zero to full in two hours.

xiaomi miband1 battery




For a fitness wristband that can monitor your sleep, steps, and daily activities for the general improvement of your health, you couldn;t possibly ask for more at $15 and be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money if you invest on the device. Not only is it cheap and easily worn, you also get the option of 5 flashy colors to choose from.

xiaomi miband 2

Interested in the Xiaomi Mi Band? Head on to GearBest to make a buy. However , there’s also the Mi Band 2 which is essnetially an update to the original 1 we just covered and 1S can also be had on GearBest at a limited price of $12.99 so grab which ever one you might want while it’s hot!

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