Xiaomi Has Relased Its First PowerBank Featuring A USB Type-C Port

After the release of their latest flagship smartphone which features a USB Type-C port, Xiaomi is following up with the release of a Powerbank that houses the same USB port. Manufacturing portable power supplies isn’t a new feat for the Chinese gadget manufacturer and this being their first device juice keeper to follow the Mi5’s port design, it comes with a 10,000mAh cell capacity.

Xiaomi first began making headways in this part of the device market with the launch of their first 5200mAh power banks which were met with great fanfare especially in markets like India where the OEM decided to release a bigger version which has a 10400mAh cell capacity. Later versions followed a different design approach, becoming slimmer and much lighter with larger capacities like the 20,000mAh and 16,000 cell variants.

Xiaomi's PowerBank Featuring a USB TYPE-C

The new power banks seems to be following the same design language measuring just 12.58mm giving it a very slim appearance and according to the company, it could store enough power to charge your Mi Note twice and still have enough to charge it up to an additional 50%. If you are an iPhone 6 user, the new power bank is capable of giving you four full charges and one and half times to your iPad Mini.

Xiaomi's PowerBank Featuring a USB TYPE-C

The device currently has a 149 Yuan price tag ($20) and availability is only limited to China but with the company’s intentions to make insertions into other markets, especially those like the US; expect to see the power bank made available in other countries in the coming weeks or months.

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