Xbox One And Windows PC Becoming More Alike

Microsoft’s vision for a brought together operating system implied conveying a more Windows-like experience to the Xbox One. Before long it will turn out to be much more like a Windows 10 PC, however, the Xbox is additionally furnishing a proportional payback. Windows 10 PCs will soon be more Xbox-like.

Paul Thurrott has investigated two up and coming sneak peak discharges that Microsoft has in the channel. The first is the Anniversary Update, which is heading to Windows 10 PCs this late spring as well as to the Xbox One. A few of the progressions it brings will make the Xbox One feel a lot more like a Windows 10 HTPC.


Cortana is coming, so you’ll have the capacity to utilise your headset or Kinect to carry out tasks like check the weather forecast and set updates for yourself simply like you can on a PC. You’ll additionally have the capacity to give her Xbox-particular summons like setting up events and welcoming your companions to play. Another Windows highlight you’ll find on your Xbox One after an update: Win32 games that have the support for Xbox Live will be visible in your games panel for activity feed. You’ll also have the ability to share captured videos and screenshots from within your Windows games.

The Xbox One is additionally able to help look for Facebook friends that can be added as Xbox friends. That function was added in the Xbox application for Windows before the end of last year, and it’ll be ready by this mid-year.


Concerning Windows PCs, they’re getting an upgraded Xbox application that Thurrott says is intended to make Windows 10  more enticing to all gamers. With the new application, Windows gamers will have the ability to talk with their friends regardless on whether they’re on a PC or a Xbox One. You won’t need to have a Xbox Live membership to do it, either — simply the upgraded form of the application. Xbox Live friends will likewise begin to appear in the People application.

One other way they’re uniting their gaming ecosystems is by giving you a chance to alter and share video clips and screenshots  that you’ve captured on your Xbox on your PC. That will give you a chance to draw them into your preferred desktop editing  software to adjust them to your taste before posting them for the world to see.

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