Wireless Android Compatible Blood Pressure Monitor by KooGeek (40% Discount)

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Looking to keep tabs on your health? And by your health we mean, your blood pressure, which is often a clear indicator of the state of your health, heart and blood flow.

Traditionally blood pressure measurement has been through the use of pumping machines and stethoscopes for manual checking.

However, technology has given us more convenient alternatives, and today we’re looking at Koogeek’s Bluetooth and Wifi supported Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, which is a wireless blood pressure monitor that is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

koogeek Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

If having your blood pressure regularly checked out by doctors can be a bit tedious for you, investing in a home blood pressure monitor will definitely make things much easier.

With the Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor you can have your blood pressure recorded and easily observe any trends or patterns that will, in turn, help you make the appropriate lifestyle changes.

Even better, with the blood pressure monitoring device users can show their doctors their results which give the doctor a better understanding of their health.

Apart from monitoring your blood pressure with the use of this Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure device, you would also be able to keep tabs on your heart rate.

Offering Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Dual connectivity, this home monitor is CE, FCC and FDA approved and ensures superior accuracy and reliability for best use.

Listed below are the major highlights of the Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

Users Automatic Recognition

The Koogeek application can recognise up to 16 different users, which means, users will be able to invite their families and friends to partake of the experience.

smart blood pressure monitor

Easy to Use

With just a single click, the Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is simple and convenient for use. The device also comes with an internal rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged via the Micro-USB port.

Large LCD Screen Display

Sporting a large font design, the accessory bears a massive LCD display module that brings a convenient reading experience for all users.

Upload Measurements via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

The Bluetooth Wi-Fi Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor allows users to take measurements that automatically sync to their iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi.


The device is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as Apple Health APP.

Overall, this is an excellent solution for people who want to automatically track their blood pressure and need to be taking readings regularly for health reasons. The app works well and the device is reasonably accurate, as is the case with most digital blood pressure monitors.

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