Why There Are No Nokia Android Phones

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Update: Now there is a Nokia Android Phone you can check out here.

Nokia X  Android Phone

Nearly everyone has seen the glory days of Nokia. All the way from popular handsets like 3310 to cutting edge tech in the N series of devices, Nokia was the leading mobile phone seller in the world for too long. What went wrong then? How did the smartphone market come to where it is today, with Apple and Samsung dominating the former world leader? Well, to put it simply, it is because there are no Nokia Android phones.

You must have seen advertisements for Nokia devices, with the Lumia series being publicized greately. The phones are not only gorgeous in terms of design but the specifications are nothing to laugh at either. Nokia phones are known for their excellent build quality and their craftsmanship was never under doubt. However, it would not be wrong to say that the folks at the Finnish giant became complacent. You must remember Symbian, the popular operating system found in all Nokia phones. The operating system lead the market for a couple of years, but once Apple released the iPhone in 2007, Nokia should have responded in kind. Instead, they stuck with the aging Symbian system and consequently got sidelined.

Once consumers got a taste of the iPhone, with iOS and an increased emphasis on ‘apps’, the smartphone market changed. People started wanting mini computers they could customize and run applications on rather than the same old Symbian software with its old UI and rigid functionality. Nokia certainly had the resources and the manpower to respond to Apple’s move, but they didn’t. Soon afterwards, Android came to the fore, and then everything just happened too fast for Nokia to catch up.

Seeing any Nokia phone today, you probably think you would buy it without a second thought if it only had Android on it. If we know that, surely the folks at Nokia know that too, then why don’t they put Android on Nokia? The answer is simple – since Nokia came to the game very late, the only thing it could do to differentiate itself was to opt for an alternative operating system, which in this case was Microsoft’s Windows.

Granted the move has not worked too well for Nokia, the company believes it made the right choice, given how Samsung dominates the Android phone market today. According to Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, the fact that Nokia is offering a third alternative to Android and Apple, brings balance to the market, which would otherwise be monopolized by one major manufacturer (Samsung by today’s ranking).

While you will not find Nokia Android phones in the near, or distant future, Nokia’s Lumia 1020 is expected soon, and boasts a 41-megapixel camera. If you had any experience with the Nokia 808 PureView phone, you can recall the image quality, since the Lumia 1020 is going to deliver similar results. Do you like the Lumia range of phones? Would you ever drop your Android to get a Lumia? Let us know by commenting below.

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