What Gaming Trends are Poised to Top 2019?

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The start of a new year is always exciting for gaming and rarely is that as true as when a new generation of consoles approaches release. The modern technological age is one of unprecedented change, and this makes the potential for gaming trends far broader and even more compelling than anything possible before.

So given what we have seen last year and how the modern environment is shaping up, what do we expect to see from the coming year?

Console Quality Games on Mobile

It might surprise some of our younger readers to learn that mobile phones were vastly underestimated as gaming machines when they first arrived. Since that time, especially thanks to the advent and proliferation of smartphones, mobiles have gone on to become a multibillion-dollar industry, and one which now offers console-quality games on the go.

Considerable thanks in this area are owed to Fortnite, the smash hit which raised the bar for direct-to-mobile ports a great deal. Traditional developers have been hesitant to enter this market, but seeing the success of games like this, they are increasingly becoming involved in the mobile gaming sphere and becoming part of a larger shift of gaming towards mobile.

AR Gaming on the Rise

Holding massive promise for both entertainment and professional use, it is only recently that augmented reality has become realistically possible. Owing to the modern popularization of VR headsets and the increase of mobile device power, these games offer opportunities which were never before possible. The potential for these devices was hinted at by Pokémon Go which, while a massive hit, only scratched the surface of the potential which AR games could bring.

Admittedly we’re still awaiting a proper AR integration of Minecraft above all else. Teased by the Microsoft HoloLens demonstration back in 2015, these possibilities will become a matter of reality in a short manner of time, and 2019 looks poised for a greater showing than ever.

Cloud Gaming Viability

Cloud-based gaming is another area which has held potential for years, but only now is the tech catching up to the dream. In simple terms, this would work much like film streaming, but instead of video streamed to any device what would instead be streamed is gameplay.

In action, this would mean the ability to play the most demanding of games on relatively low-powered systems, adding a level of convenience which was never before feasible. This doesn’t just include systems like the PC as shown by forward-thinking but flawed PlayStation Now either, as new 5G connectivity standardization means mobile devices will also benefit from this technology.

As for which of these trends will take the most time in the limelight, that is quite a bit more difficult to predict. Whatever the case, we’re excited to see what some of the best minds in entertainment can come up with, and we’re expecting great things in the year to come.

So which of these trends do you think hold the most potential for 2019, and which are you the most excited to try personally?

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