What Does the Future Hold for Apps?

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In 2017, mobile apps made up 57% of our total digital media usage. One of the most exciting things to look forward to on the technology calendar is seeing what developers have for the newest crop of apps. Since the app stores launched and provided us with simple hacks – calculator, flashlight, tip splitter – to games to pass the time – Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga – we’ve been excited about where the industry may head in the future. The integration of augmented reality in 2016 showed the true power of apps – but where are they headed next?

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is the current buzzword trend in tech circles for where the future can go. We’ve almost exhausted most other avenues, so bringing in artificial intelligence is really the final frontier. But how can AI help as an app – and are people going to want to have an omniscient piece of tech? The most we’ll get out of apps, for now, will be voice automated AI or chatbots through our apps. As a customer service buffer between human service, anticipatorily programmed AI will show what the AI industry could do for us without scaring us off initially. Being able to speak to our phones and have our apps respond to queries already has a place in our homes thanks to the rollout of Siri and Alexa.

There is already a range of AI apps. EasilyDo acts as a virtual assistant pulling information from elsewhere to create schedules and plans for you. Socratic can use math problems to show complex solutions and how this solution was reached, acting as an advanced calculator.

Data Collaboration for Apps

The data collaboration of betting giants throughout the world continued earlier in 2018 as digital gaming solutions provider NetEnt and marketing tech business Ve Global acquired Mr. Green for the pioneering iGaming media buying program. Mr Green co, which offers online casino and sportsbook facilities, expects to use the data sharing platform to be more direct and valuable in its marketing efforts. The sharing of data across platforms for the use of marketing can help revolutionize how marketing is targeted at various audiences based on how they interact across the board. The media buying partnership is one way in which data collaboration can be shown to move industries forwards. The mobile features of Mr. Green and the fact that it is part of the media buying partnership means that the mobile experience of using the app is more personalized and offers greater efficiency for the user.

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The app experience is designed to give the user the optimum in life-changing technology, so following this pattern, 2019 and beyond looks set to further show that the app revolution is one that will continue. From data collaboration to improve services to artificial intelligence in apps to help create actionable solutions to real-life problems. The future of apps will merge the direction technology is taking with the way in which we interact with our phones and digital sources.

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