Water Durable Features Coming Soon On The LG V20 S

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Users of LG in Europe are still in shock at the news of the LG V20 not coming to their countries. However, this 5.7  display phone — with a secondary ticker screen–isn’t the only smartphone that LG plans to launch.

Speculations being spread highlights the fact that the company would be unveiling an LC V20 S instead, and most importantly it has no limits to its distribution routes which mean international markets including Europe would benefit from this new device.


Although we might not have a clear knowledge on what features the phone might have, sources say one thing is sure, the LG V20 S looks like the LG isai Beat. The Beat phone is already making waves in japan and shares some similarities with the LG V20 with a display of 5.2 and also a 32GB storage. Some other features of this phone include snapdragon chip, 72mm x 149mm x 8.0mm dimensions, weighs about 146 grammes, 4GB RAM, 3000 mAh battery,  16MP main rear cam with a  wide-angle secondary shooter.


Now all these Beat specs are features users expect to see on the LG V20 S. it’s a norm that the brand always unveils techs that have slightly different versions yet the Quad DAC secondary display phone seems promising. This is the only feature that seems to be certain as part of the V20 S.

Lastly, the brand says its V20 S might have a feature that protects it from water which users would actually appreciate. The unveiling date and price haven’t been set yet but one thing is certain, there is a high anticipation for this product.

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