Watch Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s Official In-Boxing Video to See How It’s Made

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The folks over at Samsung Tomorrow are really raising the bar and releasing new videos about their latest flagship Galaxy S6 and it’s S6 Edge variant. After their last Galaxy S6 Drop Test video they’ve now released a 3-minute footage of how the S6 Edge is put together.

Calling it an in-boxing video (as opposed to an unboxing), Samsung wants their potential customers to know how intricate the S6 Edge is, and more important, how the company is moving in a direction where customer perception, feedback and satisfaction are important for them.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Parts

In the video below, you can see a man starting off with multiple parts of the Galaxy S6 Edge and putting them together manually by hand as light music plays in the background. While the whole process is cut-short for your convenience, it gives you a basic idea of the small components that make up the much-hyped device.

With the not-so-amazing response Samsung got to the Galaxy S5, the company seems dedicated to turn things around for the Galaxy S6 and have not just spent money on marketing but have also taken customer feedback into account and created their most premium looking and feeling devices to date.

According to Samsung Tomorrow, the flexible display of the S6 Edge is covered by thermoformed glass, which is none other than Gorilla Glass 4. Similarly, the metal frame of the device is not only more sturdy, it is less prone to scratches and helps the device absorb impact shocks to prevent damage from drops.

What do you think about the new Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge? Samsung has finally listened to its fans who’ve been asking for more premium materials to be used in their beloved Galaxy S Android phones. Will you be ordering an S6 or the S6 Edge now? Comment below to let us know.

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