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While we all want to enjoy free movies and TV shows on our Android devices, people who reside outside the US or the UK often have limited access to popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. While using proxy services and virtual private networks can get you through at times, you don’t really get complete, unrestricted location based access or bandwidth usage according to your internet connection’s speed.

Today we’re going to talk about UnoTelly, a service which allows you to view all geo-restricted online channels like Hulu, Netflix and BBC on a host of devices including PCs, Macs, gaming consoles, smart TVs, Apple devices and of course Android phones and tablets.

Android DNS Service UnoTelly

While the service isn’t free you can sign up for an 8-day free trial and test it out for yourself. UnoTelly offers over 300 channels (legally) including popular ones like Netflixk, The CW, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and CBS. The main difference between UnoTelly and typical VPN services however is that of speed because UnoTelly utilizes your internet connection’s full speed for streaming all channels.

As mentioned earlier, all channels are legal and those which require subscriptions (like Netflix) only work if you have them and setting it up on your Android device is quite simple. You just have to modify your existing Wifi network and change the DNS settings for your Android device and you’ll be good to go.

If you opt for the additional VPN service they offer you can also change your country for Google Play Store and download apps which are restricted to certain regions. The streaming speed via UnoTelly’s DNS servers is considerably faster and we didn’t experience freezes or lags during our testing.

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What do you think about UnoTelly? You can check out their list of supported channels here. If you decide to try out the service do let us know about your experience. Meanwhile you may be interested in Top 10 Free Online Movie & TV Streaming Apps for Android.



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