Video: Watch The Many Functions of Ulefone Metal

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We all have smartphones, true, but then not all of us usually use our devices to their full capacity. We are often guilty of limiting such powerful device to what can be termed as our domestic chores like, surfing the net, answering a phone call, downloading stuff, not knowing our handset can do way more than that.

Ulefone made the Ulefone Metal not too long ago and now they have made a short video for us to see the full potential of such a smartphone giving us more insight on the use of your USB-on-the-go (OTG) ports and some other things added via Bluetooth connectivity.

With this video, we can see that playing games could be much more interesting with the use of a gamepad which was connected to the USB OTG port to give you an overall enhanced gaming experience.

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We also saw them connect an external keyboard to the phone and use the phones display as a monitor to input data. With the use of Bluetooth connectivity, the used a selfie stick to take some pictures as well.

Another pretty cool thing is connecting your Flash drive to your phone in order to transfer  and share media files  easily. We saw them use the flash drive to transfer a picture to the phone which they went on to post on a social media platform.

The Ulefone Metal is currently going for $109.99 with the accompaniment of a flip case and glass protector over at Bang

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