Valentine’s Day Brings New League of Legends Skins for Fiora & Vi

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, the folks at Riot have released two new limited-time skins for League of Legends’ champions Fiora and Vi, aptly named Heartpiercer Fiora and Heartbreaker Vi.

Both these skins are now available for purchase through the client and cost 1350 RP each. However, the skins are only up for sale till March 5, after which they will be relegated to the legacy vault, along with the Sweetheart Xayah and Sweetheart Rakan skins pair.

league of legends new skins

These are actually epic skins for both Fiora and Vi and come with unique effects and ability particles, suited to the occasion.

The skins are not the only special items Riot is releasing for valentine’s day. You can also buy a new Queen Poro ward skin or icons for Fiora and Vi.

Bundles, including the skins, icons and additional chromas are also available but will set you back 3135 RP.

The new skins join other available skins on the same theme, namely Heartseeker Ashe, Heartseeker Orianna, Heartseeker Quinn, Heartseeker Varus, Heartseeker Vayne, Sweetheart Annie and Sweetheart Sona. One of our favorites, however, is missing – Heartseeker Lucian.

league heartseeker sweetheart skins

Interestingly, Riot’s official announcement is followed by the usual comments on how the company is now focused on making money and pricing in-game items quite high.

Such comments have become quite common recently, with Riot focusing on a lot of in-game extras such as the latest Lunar Revel 2019 pass, which costs 1550 RP, a 100 RP more than the preceding Snowdown 2018 pass, which was priced at 1450 RP.

The worth of these passes is debatable, with some users getting epic and legendary skins through the capsules, chests, and orbs, while others get stuck with skins for champions they either don’t play or getting old, legacy skins, which do not justify the cost at the end.

Moreover, in order to unlock chests and orbs, you need to earn enough tokens/coins, which ultimately depend on the number of games you play every day. This means players who grind all day may find the passes worth the RP, but those who play casually are likely to be disappointed with the returns.

Are you going to buy any of the new Valentine’s Day skins? What are your thoughts on the Lunar Revel 2019 pass? Share your comments with us! See you on the rift!

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