Use Facebook’s Messenger App for Android To Send SMS

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Google’s endeavours to incorporate SMS with Hangouts didn’t steal the hearts of the whole population, but that hasn’t been a hindrance to a few other companies from trying to do the same by fusing instant messaging and SMS.

The most recent adaptation of Facebook Messenger for Android now gives you a chance to send and get instant messages over a cell system.

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Obviously, you can decide to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your Facebook contacts alone, you now have the option to set it as your default SMS application too by enabling support for SMS from within the app.

You will still be able to differentiate your Facebook and SMS messages because the Facebook messages are blue and that of SMS discussions, purple.

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If you’re considering enabling this new feature but scared for your security you shouldn’t worry, the SMS discussions aren’t sent to Facebook’s servers by any stretch of the imagination. The FB messenger application is only a client interface for sending SMS and MMS messages with content, video, pictures, and emoji through your remote transporter.

This is the most recent move by Facebook to give Android clients motivation to run the Facebook Messenger application on their phones or tablets. The organization removed the messaging feature from the Facebook application for Android a while prior and this summer they will be removing it from the mobile Facebook web application completely.

That implies you’ll see an alert telling you when there’s a message but if you plan on following the messages up you’ll need the messenger app.

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