UMi Super and Max to Receive Android 7.0 Update

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This last December, UMi took to the stage to apologise to customers of Super and Max smartphones for delaying the release of the Android Nougat 7.0 update. Finally, the company has moved a step ahead in releasing the update to the aforementioned devices.

Earlier on, the Android 7.0 Nougat update was in beta testing since October as several users were under the beta program. In line with UMi, the users spent a chunk of time testing the update so as to ensure smooth performance on UMi products.

The Android Nougat update already rolled out to UMi Plus but the other two in the league got late to receive the same. Now, the Android 7.0 Nougat is being rolled out to the two said smartphones via an OTA update.

The update brings the core-Nougat features like the notifications with multi-window and mini Quick Settings row, split-screen that allows you using two apps simultaneously. The multi-windows can be fetched into action by simply long-pressing the recent apps button, then your currently used app will go to the upper screen, and other recent apps at the bottom.

Apart from the core-Nougat features, you can expect a few enhancements, optimisations, and bug fixes as well. UMi says that they have done some kind of optimisation to the Fast Charging, Rear LED flash light colour, which enables richer and truer colours to be taken. Small bugs on notification light, navigation, and stock music are also fixed. Also, finally, the users would be able to check “RAM” and “Internal storage” in “About phone” Settings.

Other new features including an exclusive wallpaper for lock screen, new installer animation, keyboard shortcut helper, easier navigation of Settings, as well as suggested Settings be featured on top.

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