Ulefone Tiger to Feature At Least a 4000mAh Battery Capacity

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Smartphone manufacturers all around the world are stepping up their game and this has lead to an increasingly competitive spectrum as we see different OEMs shipping out pretty cool devices for very affordable prices.

One manufacturer who has actively  given the Top Dogs of the smartphone market a hard time is Ulefone as they have released a substantial amount of smartphones some of which includes,  Ulefone Power, Ulefone Metal and Ulefone Future.

However, with these many smartphones already dished out by this vendor, they seem not to be applying any breaks as there is rising news with regards to a new smartphone in the works to be tagged with the moniker, Ulefone Tiger.


Rumours about the device have been making rounds online predominantly in the last couple of days but only little details surrounding it had been revealed.

Much of which puts to its display size which is said to be in the region of 5.5 inches but we are still yet to discover whether it would be a Full HD display or just the normal HD screens.

Ulefone metal-buy

The device is beautiful and classy but it isn’t a super slim device, therefore, we had expected them to fit it with a huge battery.

This though isn’t just your normal day to day batteries as Ulefone went the extra mile to coat their Sony Li-Polymer electric cell battery with a high-strength and non-flammable material. Which, if you at it is a very wise decision as we have been seeing batteries explode, though not from them.

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