Tricks And Tips For The UMI Super Camera (Including Giveaway)

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It is almost impossible to market a device with a poor camera. In the same importance category as battery life and memory size, camera quality is a must have featured in phones as far as customers are concerned, even more so for picture lovers and photographers. It is therefore not surprising to see how much the marketing is trying to place their focus exactly on that.

Having said that, in this article is an embedded video with tips and tricks for all the UMI Super camera users.

UMI Super

The UMI Super features a 13 MP back camera which is fitted with a Panasonic sensor and we are sure that all interested enthusiasts (including on-lookers) are curious to see how the device will perform in the real world, given all the hype the UMI shooter has gotten.

Meanwhile, as you’re reading this post, UMI is somehow rewarding fans and at the same time sort of celebrating a month since the UMI Super was officially launched so there is an “Ultimate High-Tech Giveaway Everyday” that runs from June 17th to June 30th. You can visit this link for a chance to score yourself on of the 5 UMi Supers or one of the 15 VR BOXes.

Anyway, all answers will be answered soon when the device is available to us because we will be happy to review it. For now, you will have to exercise some patience and stay tuned to The Droid Review.

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