Top 5 OEMs Worldwide for Q2 of 2016 Revealed by Gartner Research Firm

Over the past few months, we have been seeing rankings for smartphone manufacturers in China and how they fared from well know firms like IDC and IHS. Now however, the ranking for the Q2 of 2016 world-wide has officially been released by Gartner and we could see that Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi bought themselves a seat on the top 5 spot.

The research firm revealed that the top spot was retained by the Korean Giants Samsung as they sold out 76.7 million smartphones and got them a whooping market share of 22.3% as opposed to last year’s 21.8% share and this is thanks to their Samsung Galaxy A and J series.

Top Ranking

The second position however was maintained by Apple although they recorded a 7.7% drop in sales when compared to last years Q2 reports seeing them own just 12.9% of the market share as they sold only 44.4 smartphones.

Oppo also did have quite an impressive year’s sale and this this is thanks to it R9 handset which scaled high heights in the market. As a result, this OEM sold over 18 million phones which proves to be awesome news especially when compared to the 8 million sales they recorded for last years Q2 bringin them to forth on the list.

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Huawei on the other hand closely followed Apple to cling unto the third position as it sold over 30 million handsets earning them an 8.9% share of the market and a pretty significant 0.9% growth when compared to the Q2 reports of last year.

Xiaomi however recorded their slowest growth ever of just 0.2% bringing them to own just 4.7% of the shares from the 4.5% that they had control over in the 2nd Quarter of 2015. Although little, it was able to land them at the fifth spot.

Overall, the smartphone sales for the Q2 of this year proved to be a successful one as it grew by 4.3% with up to 344 million smartphone sold globally.

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