Top 4 Free Android News Apps You Must Have

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While the internet made it easy for people to find information they wanted using their computers, traditional browsing may not exactly be the most efficient when it comes to smartphones. Fortunately, that’s where aggregation apps come in, making it extremely easy for you to follow your favorite news websites, magazines and feeds from one interface. Here we will list the top 4 news aggregation apps that you must install if you love reading on the go.


Flipboard takes first place on the list for us simply because of its intuitive user-interface, which has the right mix of eye candy and ease of use. If you like substance with style, you will fall in love with Flipboard from your first run. The app allows you to select your favorite magazines and news sources, along with setting up your Facebook and Twitter feeds to be displayed. Once all is set up, you can simply flip through the available boards to browse whichever section you prefer and share your favorite content on your social networks. The app also has widgets you can place on your home screens for easy access and latest updates.


Pulse is one of the most solid news aggregation apps you will use. Not only is the interface sleek and efficient, using a thumbnail based design, the app has features like night-mode and offline reading. Once you sync the app with internet connectivity, the articles that you have access to can be read (text only) even without an internet connection. The app also has widgets for direct access and allows you to share content using other apps.

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Google Currents

Google’s own aggregation app delivers your favorite content in an easy to navigate interface. It has the usual features, allowing you to save your favorite content for reading later and widget support, but what sets it apart from others is the built-in Google translate function, which lets you translate content in other languages to your own. This means you can read news and magazines from across the world, regardless of the language they were written in.

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Feedly is another great reader, letting you search for websites and feeds and allowing you to import your Google reader feeds. If you like Google reader, you will love Feedly, especially given how fast and responsive the interface is. Browsing through content is a breeze and Feedly adapts to different resolutions beautifully. If you follow several RSS feeds, blogs, websites and Youtube channels, you must try out Feedly.

Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Developer: Feedly Team
Price: Free+
  • Feedly - Smarter News Reader Screenshot
  • Feedly - Smarter News Reader Screenshot
  • Feedly - Smarter News Reader Screenshot


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