Top 3 Free Android Games to Download This Weekend – (20/7/13)

Well, the weekend is here, and while Saturday night can be fun, Sundays are usually boring. Download these three fun and free Android games to pass your time this weekend!

Car Race by Fun Games For Free

Car Race is actually a pretty good looking free game. The main model is very simple, with you having to take part in drag races. As for the game play, you just have to keep an eye on your RPM and shift your gears in time to get the max out of your engine. As you win races, you earn money, which can then be used for upgrades. The game is made more interesting by bosses, who need to be defeated for you to move to the next levels. As long as you manage your upgrades wisely, you will get along fine without having to spend real money for in-game purchases.

Highway Rider

Highway Rider by Battery Acid Games is a very addictive game. You get to play as a biker, riding across a highway and have to maneuver to run close to other vehicles. The more daringly you ride, the more points you make, which eventually help you unlock other characters. While, the graphics are good for a free game, the game play itself is what elevates it. Controls are as simple as you moving your device left and right, but the game does convey, to a fair extent, the sense of thrill it tries to mimic. There is an arcade mode and a fugitive mode, and you will enjoy the crash animations!

Stick Cricket Super Sixes

One of the most popular games on all platforms, Stick Cricket does not even need an introduction. However, if you haven’t tried Stick Cricket Super Sixes by now, you have been missing out on probably the most enjoyable version of the game. Stick Cricket Super Sixes stays true to the original formula, where your aim is to hit as many balls out of the park using simple controls, but introduces several new features which really lift the game.

This time around, you are facing a robot known as the Bowlomatic 3000, and it literally throws everything at you, from baseballs to golf balls. There are plenty of challenging levels to keep you engaged, and it is a lot of fun to see the Bowlomatic resort to desperate measures to get you out. All in all, whether you are a cricket fan or not, you will thoroughly this game.

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