Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases and Covers Deals on Amazon

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Samsung has finally released the Galaxy S7, the latest entry in the Korean giant’s flagship Android smartphone series. Replacing the Galaxy S6, which was quite a popular device and marketed well by Samsung, the S7 brings incremental improvements and updates.

Nevertheless, as with any flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 is going to set you back by a good amount of money and it only makes sense to secure your investment by getting protective cases and covers. Hence, today we’ve rounded up the top 10 best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases and covers you can buy on Amazon.

#1. Caseology® [Envoy Series] Leather Bound Bumper Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Caseology Leather Bound Bumper Cover

Caseology cases are among our favorites, and this one steals the show with its luxurious leather binding on the back, which when complimented by the metallic bumper, makes for an exquisitely glamorous case.

Protection wise the case features dual-layering and the case’s polycarbonate frame protects against drops. The case also provides a raised lip around the S7 to secure the display in case the phone falls display first.

All in all its a beautiful case costing only $17.99 and is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S7 but not the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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#2. i-Blason [Full Body] [Heavy Duty Protection] Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Heavy Duty Armor Box Galaxy S7 Case

For $16.99, this i-Blason heavy duty armor box case gives your Galaxy S7 the protection it deserves. The rugged case features dual layer protection and a polycarbonate hard exterior fused with a softer core to protect against drops and shocks.

The front case also features a screen protector, so your S7 will be fully protected. Moreover, the case fits perfectly on the device, allowing full access to all ports and buttons.

If you’re considering a heavy duty rugged case for your Samsung Galaxy S7, this is one to try.

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#3. SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Water Resistant Case

This SUPCASE is also a solid contender for rugged protection but buyers should not confuse “water resistant” with “water proof” – water resistant cases, like this one, only protect your phone against splashes and accidental exposure to water. They are not build to protect against submersion.

However, this is a solid case with its own screen protector and secures your Galaxy S7 against dust, debris, water splashes and shock. All in all its good protection for only $17.99.

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#4. LUVVITT [Sleek Armor] Slim Shock Absorbing Flexible Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Luvvitt

This LUVVIT offering is for people who prefer good protection without adding much bulk. The sleek armor case is made up of shock absorbing materials and flexible rubber. It is lightweight and sticks close to the original form factor of the Galaxy S7.

The case also comes with life time warranty, which means you don’t have to worry about it losing its shape or color. Currently the case is on sale for $12.99.

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#5. Obliq Slim Fit TPU Dual Layer with Metallic Brush Finish for Samsung Galaxy S7

Obliq Galaxy S7 Case

Featuring an exquisite Rose Gold metallic finish, this Obliq case provides protection with style. The case has TPU edges to absorb shock during accidental falls while the brushed metal panel at the back adds class.

The case is available for $16.99 and comes in Grey, Silver and Gold colors as well.

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#6. Caseology® [Skyfall Series] Scratch-Resistant Clear Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

Caseology Galaxy S7 Case

If you’re a fan of clear back cases to flaunt your phone, you should consider Caseology’s scratch resistant case from the Skyfall series.

Not only is the case quite slim, the transparent back is impeccably clear and scratch resistant, unlike most clear cases which scratch badly with normal use.

The case material is premium TPU and the polycarbonate bumper provides shock and drop protection. The buttons are also composed of harder material to provide better feedback. Currently the case is on sale for $15.99.

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#7. CINEYO(TM) heavy Duty Rugged Dual Layer Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

CINEYO Galaxy S7 Case

This is another high quality rugged protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 by CINEYO. Made with TPU and hard polycarbonate shell, the case provides serious drop and shock protection.

The case also comes with a free screen protector and a stylus for your phone, all for $9.99 only.

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#8. Caseology® [Wavelength Series] Textured Pattern Grip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

Caseology Wavelength Galaxy S7 Case

One of the most popular cases for the Galaxy S6, the Caseology Wavelength makes an appearance for the Galaxy S7 as well.

The navy blue color scheme, which was also a favorite among buyers of the S6, is both elegant and eye catching, especially because of the unique textured back finish.

For only $16.99 the case provides good looks and solid protection for your Galaxy S7.

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#9. OBLIQ [NaKED SHIELD][Metal Kickstand] Slim Fit Crystal Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy S7

Obliq Naked Shield for Galaxy S7

Another transparent case for the Galaxy S7, the Obliq Naked Shield is crystal clear, scratch resistant and comes with a kick-stand for media viewing.

Protection wise, the case is made with crystalized shock absorbing material and the back panel is compatible with wireless charging functionality. The kick-stand is also magnetic, which means it won’t be dangling around loose after a few months.

All in all, if you’re looking for a solid transparent case for your Galaxy S7, this is the one for only $16.99.

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#10. Caseology® [Envoy Series] Leather Bound Bumper Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

Caseology Galaxy S7 Leather Case

Finally we have featured another of our personal favorites on this list – the Caseology leather bound case from the envoy series.

This sleek case comes with a stunning color scheme and a leather bound patterned back covering TPU for drop protection and shock absorption. For only $17.99 you can add both protection and class to your new Galaxy S7.

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This concludes our list of good deals on the best cases and covers for the new Samsung Galaxy S7. If you like or have tried any of these cases, please leave your feedback below. We’d also love to hear from you if there are any cases you want to recommend or suggest.

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