The World’s First Quadruple Protection Capable Smartphone is the Vkworld Stone V3S

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Chinese company Vkworld is now becoming one of the producers that make rugged phones, as the ruggedness of the devices turns out to be their unique selling point. Having previously modelled a phone codenamed Stone V3, the brand is now set to produce another version that will be known as Stone V3S.

The new version is aimed at users who love participating in outdoor activities like camping or hiking trip, or diving into a water. The phone is said to survive anything, leaving out of any rough situation as a winner. The IP67 certification of this smartphone means it will be providing the best against water and dust and its sturdy body can survive the shock of any type.


Vkworld Stone V3S will be the first phone in the world with quadruple-protection, it will be featuring old physical buttons coated with transparent resin against each kind of external pressure which should be ideal for older people and young children as these categories will be dropping the device frequently resulting in damage.

The phone is capable of withstanding -50-degree centigrade temperature which makes it resist extreme temperatures. The metal frame is made from a zinc alloy which makes it hard and can’t split easily.


The device will be unveiled in four different colour options including black, green, orange and blue. The expected price of the V3S should be even lower than the original V3 for just $30, being a perfect secondary phone, to be used while on a move.

Lest we forget, Vkworld now offers 100 pieces of free mobile phones in their latest promotion, as 5 winners are being chosen every day, with the deal set to go offline soon.

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