The UMI Plus Put Through a Battery Test and The Results Are Quiet Impressive

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It is good to have a smartphone with awesome specifications and a beautifully crafted body, however, what’s the use said device if it doesn’t come with enough cell capacity to hold enough charge that will last a long time. In light of the above, the UMi Plus smartphone was made, which was released some few weeks ago and currently cost $179.99.

In light of the above, the UMi Plus smartphone was made, which was released some few weeks ago and currently cost  a mere $179.99.

This smartphone has a 5.5 inch Full HD touchscreen front panel with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and has Helio P10 SoC powering it under the hood. It draws power from a ginormous 4000mAh battery pack made from Sony Cells with a 690Wh/L high-density unit.

UMI Plus battery test

This OEM has run some series of test to prove how long this battery would last with some of our basic and daily activities and came out with some impressive results, although not the best out there.

Surfing the Net

The UMi Plus WiFi was put on and the brightness was cranked up to 60%. The  smartphone kept surfing the net for an impressive time of 8 hours which is more than enough for most of us internet lovers.

3G Talk Time

For this test, the screen of the phone was put off as well as other connections. It took this smartphone, 32 hours and 45 mins before its battery finally drained.  The duration was quiet impressive, but there are a whole lot of devices out there that would have done better, but points to the UMI Plus as it performed above average.

UMI Plus battery test

Watching a Video

in this test, a video was chosen and played on a loop until the battery runs down. For this test, the UMi Plus’s brightness was brought up to a 60% and all forms of connections were put off and the handset managed to keep playing the video for 7 hours and 20 mins.

Playing 3D Games

Again as with the other tests, the brightness was put to 60% and all other connectivities were put off. The phone was tasked with both demanding games and light weighted games  and the battery died after 6 hours 39 mins. A pretty impressive score with regards to the fact that the display is on continuously on that plus the demands being made by the Graphics Unit, puts an extra strain on the battery.

UMI Plus battery test


The UMi Plus battery life is pretty awesome and given the fact that there is also a PE+ Quick Charge technology added to its spec sheet, you would be able to charge back your battery to its full capacity in just above an hour.

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