The Mi Box to be The First Device Xiaomi Launches in The United States

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Chinese OEM Xiaomi is one persistent competitor. Not only is it taking on Giants like Google and Apple in both China and the international market, the company has laid out plans to bring the battle to both company’s home turf.

A while back, the company announce plans to officially start retailing its devices in the United States. They range from smartphones, Home media, Accessories and so much. Up until now, Xiaomi hardware can only be purchased by residents of U.S through third party channels, some of these online stores are not well established internationally which sometimes results in delays and product mismanagement.

During this year’ Google I/O event which took place in May, Xiaomi demoed its Android-powered TV box it dubbed the Mi Box. Details about the set-up box went cold after the event and not a lot was heard or seen since then but a recent slate of info has just surfaced pointing to what could be a launch date and price point for the TV Set-up box.


The report stated that Xiaomi has put in motion plans for a launched date somewhere close to “Early Quarter 4” meaning those eager to buy the device can expect it to arrive in the United states as soon as next month.

This marks the beginning of some really interesting times for the Chinese smartphone company as the TV Box will be the first device officially launched in the United States and more are expected to follow.

Core details about the exact cost of the Mi Box are still shrouded in mystery but rumours have it that it will cost as little as $100 or less.

Though not as powerful as the Nvidia Shield, it does feature some really interesting capabilities which include the ability to decode 4K videos at 60fps, HDR support, smart search capabilities and the latest Android Tv 6.0 software.


Graphics wise, it comes with quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU and Mali 450 GPU processing power for high-end Android gaming within the confines of your living Room.

The reason for the long delay of the Mi Box in the US is unclear but there are rumours that Chinese company is putting together all the important patents necessary to do business on the Continent.

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