The LG Pay’s White Card Introduces Multiple Credit Card Usage And More

Credit card usage has been revolutionalized into a new trend by smartphones wherein payments can be easily processed. With the likes of Samsung Pay and Android Pay that can only be used on smartphones that support it, there has been a restriction to other people with devices that do not support that feature.

lg pay whitecard_2_

This is where the LG Pay comes in, unlike the smartphone payment process of the Korean giant and its counterparts, this payment system is more or less similar to a credit card itself. The LG Pay white card, as it is known, has been made as a look alike to a credit card and it is accessible to all that can afford it.

LG Pay White Card Surfaces In All Its Glory

This card, though just one, can act as multiple credit cards based on that which you program it to be. With the aid of a low-powered LCD display and navigation keys (as shown in the diagram below), one can easily choose which accounts to use for payment.

1. LCD display; 2. CC select buttons; 3; Charging pins

Just as all credit cards, the LG Pay is fit with metal pins to enable easy withdrawal and possibly for charging of the device. Rumors have it too that the LG pay can be used as an ATM card and the possibilities seem likely with the presence of the metal pins almost identical to those of ATM cards.

This brilliant initiative would bring in a new shopping experience with the ease in changing of intended accounts, instant withdrawal of money from the bank– only if these rumors turn out be true.

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