Telegram Upgrades Supergroup To 5000 Members With Update 3.7

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Telegram is fun and probably the best thing that has happened to IM (instant messaging), starting right from the really amazing emojis to the secret and encrypted messaging. The IM app is top notch when compared to its counterparts as it provides more security and cheaper access with the cloud as its witness.

Back in November, Telegram upgraded as they gave group admins the chance to hip up the number of group members from the normal average 200 members – as seen by other instant messaging apps — to a mind blowing 1000 members.

What would you do with a group of 1000 people? Although many have asked, Telegram still didn’t show any signs of coming to a halt as they have just brought out another upgrade, Telegram 3.7, which allows a super group admin to add up to 5000 people in one group.

Having to take care of 5000 members in a group can prove challenging to group admins but a few nifty features- like deleting messages and blocking users — have also been inculcated to make group management easier.

Other features following this upgrade include public links, which lets anyone who comes across them join a supergroup or just go through the chats and pinned messages which appear at the top of the screen behaving more or less like pop-ups.

In times past, the only time a group could become a public group is when it reached the maximum member limit of 200, but with this new upgrade, admins can turn their groups into supergroups without reaching the limits.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
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Although not yet spread across the world due to obvious spam risks, we see some countries like the  US already enjoying these new updates leaving out Asia and Africa.

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