TechElec’s Budget Sport Headphones are your Dream Workout Companions

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Taking a hike or jogging around the neighborhood are pretty good exercises to keep yourself fit on a daily basis. However, this could get boring quickly without some sort of entertainment system strapped to your arm with the right headphones beaming your favorite music into your ears.

Putting the right headphones into perspective – you and I both know that there are a whole lot out there so you’re not necessarily out of options, but the real challenge comes when you have to pick the perfect jogging companion.

TechElec SP-X Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones are all you need to have all your music needs met whilst on the go. These earbuds are sweatproof (essentially waterproof to an extent).

These buds are pretty minimalistic in looks and features but deliver much more than you can expect with their simple navigation keys on the right earpiece that provide good tactile feedback and perform multiple functions as listed down.

  • A button for Volume +/Next Track
  • A button for Volume -/Previous Track
  • A multi-function button

Like we see with most headphones out there, we have a microphone to answer calls and give voice messages, making communications super easy whilst on the go. However, you would be required to charge this headset once in a while and that is made possible by the latest USB Type-C standard which takes just 1.5 hours to get fully charged.

Did we mention it’s  tangle-free and extremely comfy to put on? These buds are carefully crafted and TechElec have put attention into creating this earpeice which is also to the advantage of being in-ear for better noise cancellation and minimal chances of it falling off.

Designed For Jogging


With the well thought through design, this earpiece is meant to keep you well focused as it hinders distractions of adjusting the wire whilst running since its connect via Bluetooth –- which is a common problem with other wired earbuds — or placing the device firmly in the ear as it comes with its soft and comfortable silicone hooks to keep them steady with each stride you make.

The hooks are carefully crafted in shape with that of your ear, making it hard for the buds to slip out or fall off. It also helps keep them in the right place to stream the music directly into your ears giving you the chance to enjoy either your pop, soul or jazz music at ease.

Play For Hours Unending

If you are one of those who workout 3-4 hours at a stretch, this earbud is more than capable to take you on two rounds without dying out on you as it has a claimed battery life of over 8 hours.

In the case where you’re pretty much receiving calls with your TechElec Sport Headphones, then you’re sure to last way longer than 8hrs — we’re talking about 220 hours before its due for charging again.

What’s more, the device has it’s own in-bluilt battery indicator that constantly shows in your notification area — this, of course, is pretty nifty — and you’re only a glance away in knowing the percentage of headphone’s battery.

Premium Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

There is nothing more fun than getting the whole feel of the music in your ears with the best quality possible and that is what most sport earbuds lack. With the advanced APTX technology being featured in this headphone, be sure to hear every single note of whatever music you might be playing.

The device is also graced with CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology (probably the same on featured in the Reflect Aware C earbuds from JBL) — this feature essentially works by stopping sound from escaping to the background giving you a fuller and better music experience.

Clearly, the TechElec Sport Headphones are not only great jogging companions, but also good travel mates.

Listen From Afar

You can use this earpiece to listen music at the best of its quality even when you are up to 15m away from your smartphone without any glitches or breaks in the sound. So, if you’re in your kitchen for example and your handset is on a couch in the next room, you can still rock on without any distortion or muffles whatsoever.

This, however, is also made possible with the presence of the Bluetooth v4.1 technology.


The quality and design of this product makes it one of the best sport headsets for those on a budget as it’s currently on sale for only $39 USD on their TechElec’s website. Be it the simple jogging, or vigorous exercises, there is no fear of the earbuds falling off while still allowing you to maximise your workout.

If you’re looking for economic choices when it comes to bluetooth earbuds and don’t want to spend a fortune on big brands, TechElec’s offering is worth a shot.

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