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The startup industry has become massive, there is no question about it. Since the competition has increased considerably in the past few years alone, branding has become more important than ever for the budding entrepreneurs. And when we talk about branding, then company logos invariably take center stage.

Now, there are all kinds of websites and software that allow you to create spectacular and unique logos, but doing the same can be a lot easier and convenient on mobile especially when you are traveling frequently. Perhaps that’s the thought that led to the development of Tailor Brands Logo Maker app.logo maker app

What is Tailor Brands Logo Maker App?

The Tailor Brands Logo Maker app is a user-friendly logo designing app based on advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. It allows you to create high-quality and original logos in a matter of minutes irrespective of whether you have experience with image editing software or not.

Now, we have seen the term “Artificial Intelligence” thrown around a lot in the IT industry. However, Tailor Brands which is the company behind the logo maker app has truly found an ingenious solution to a massively underrated problem that has plagued the startup and SME industry for years.

Although it won’t be fair to say that Tailor Brands Logo Maker is an app without any flaws, it certainly is one of the best logo maker apps out there for those who are on a budget and want professional-quality results.

Logo Maker by Tailor Brands
Logo Maker by Tailor Brands
  • Logo Maker by Tailor Brands Screenshot
  • Logo Maker by Tailor Brands Screenshot
  • Logo Maker by Tailor Brands Screenshot

How Does it Work?

On the surface, Tailor Brands may look like a standard logo maker app. However, that’s until you realize that it has some of the most amazing new-age features based on Artificial Intelligence which as we know is one of the things that will drive the apps of the future.

While there are many companies that are using AI today, Tailor Brands is one of the few that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, and instead focuses on making something as complex as professional logo design easier and simpler for the user.

The app is pretty straightforward. You start by entering the name of your brand, and then other basic details like your industry and a brief about your business. After that, you can select the type of logo you want i.e. brandmark, lettermark, or wordmark. These are all the details that the app needs, as after this, it shows you around 10 groups of sample designs (each group has two designs) and you can just select the ones that you find appealing. Based on your decisions and the information provided, the app finally shows you a few designs that match your requirements. You can then edit the winner logo if you want, or otherwise download it directly to use it wherever you like.

Pros and Cons

As is the case with most mobile apps, Tailor Brands app comes with its share of good and bad elements:

The Good

One of the biggest USPs of Tailor Brands app is that it empowers a solopreneur or SME to dream big by building a big brand. This is because it’s super cheap and since lack of capital is one of the biggest challenges faced by most entrepreneurs today, it serves as the ultimate savior. Plus, it’s accessible on the phone which means that when you have time to kill, then you can use it for making new logos and other design elements for your brand.

The following are some of the salient features of the Tailor Brands app:

  • Wide range of fonts and icons to design hundreds of thousands of unique logos
  • AI technology means that even a beginner can design premium-quality logos easily
  • Download logos in various popular formats including Transparent PNG and Vector EPS
  • Cloud storage that allows you to access your files from any Internet-enabled device
  • Free trial available

The Bad

There aren’t many cons about the Tailor Brands app, but you should still know about them to make an informed decision. The first one is the lack of customization options. If you are expecting a whole lot of tools and features to edit your logos in the most detailed manner, then you might be disappointed. This is because this program is designed not to compete against the likes of Photoshop or other professional-quality products. Instead, it just gives you a decent number of options and features for customization so you can get the job done. Besides, most of the work is handled by its AI algorithm which uses the rich database of assets that it has on the cloud.

The second thing that you may not like about the Tailor Brands app is that it isn’t free. Although there is a free trial available, you can’t download or use the logo you create unless you pay first. That said, the basic plan starts at $3.99 a month which is quite reasonable and you can also get the recommended “standard” plan ($9.99) that gets you more features including master design too, vector EPS files, business card and stationary tool, etc.

Bottom Line

IBM, just like many other tech giants is right in believing that creativity could be the ultimate moonshot for AI. This is because we have had powerful computers and software for quite some time now but the true untapped potential lies in using AI for tasks that require creativity. Tailor Brands logo maker is the perfect example to showcase that as it solves a real-world problem without costing an arm and a leg. So, if you are looking to designing a unique logo for your website or blog but without doing a lot of work, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t give Tailor brands a try.

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