SpyMyFone is The Most Extensive Android and iOS Spy App Ever

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Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and the new generation is particularly inseparable from their phones. Fortunately (and sometimes, unfortunately), this means any individual can now be tracked remotely and spied on.

While we support the right to privacy and do not condone any illicit spying activities, there are tons of spying apps available on Android and iOS, and while reviewing them, we’ve come across SpyMyFone, which is the most extensive spy app ever!

Why use a mobile spying app?

People may have their reasons for wanting to spy on others, but one of the most useful features of a spy app is the ability to track your children, especially minors, and keep an eye on their whereabouts as well as communication (as long as you have legal access to the phone). In this day and age, unchecked communication is often not the best practice when it comes to children, and a spy app can help you intercept any developing issues at the earliest.

SpyMyFone features

SpyMyFone has the most extensive list of features we’ve ever seen in a spy app. Firstly, not only is it compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it allows the user to monitor phone calls, text messages and saved contacts on the target phone.

Comprehensive dashboard

SpyMyFone features a comprehensive dashboard, allowing you to access all its features from one main panel for ease of use and convenience.

SpyMyFone dashboard

Social apps monitoring

Moreover, SpyMyFone goes beyond and supports access to all popular social media apps, including:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Wechat
  • Skype chats
  • Instagram DMs
  • Viber
  • Kik Messenger
  • Tinder Messages
  • Line Messenger

This means you can view messages on and from all these platforms if sent or received on the phone where the app is installed.

Location monitoring and geo-fencing

Location tracking and geo-fencing are very useful for monitoring the whereabouts of children, and SpyMyFone supports real-time GPS tracking as well as the ability set geo-fenced zones to receive alerts when the phone crosses into dangerous zones or returns into safe zones.

Finally, for added measure, the app allows monitoring the connection history with Wi-Fi networks, including network name, time of connection and duration.

Online and offline tracking

Apart from messages and social media, you can also track emails, browsing history and calendar events on the target phone. Moreover, offline content, such as saved media, files and voice memos etc can also be accessed.

Even if the sim card in the target phone is replaced, you will get an alert.

Remote monitoring options

SpyMyFone also supports remote monitoring features, once again, useful for keeping tabs on children. The app allows you to set restricted time zones when the phone will be locked automatically to prevent unauthorized use.

You can also monitor all the apps installed on the phone and disable any of them. Live screenshots to observe the phone’s screen is also a useful feature. Finally, you can log keystrokes from the phone and set alerts based on keywords, change of sim and contacts activity, etc.

Setting up SpyMyFone

Setting up the app on an Android or iOS device is a 3-step process which takes a few minutes only. The app can easily be uninstalled at a later stage if required and you can learn more about how it works via this helpful user guide.

Finally, as pointed out earlier, legal access to the phone is necessary to install the app. You can try SpyMyFone now and look at the pricing options, which vary between packages and are billed monthly.


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