Sony’s Gatekeeper Is A 4K Security Camera That Can See Thieves In The Dark

Sony might be having a very rough ride in the current smartphone market amid intense competition from other OEMs but the company is thriving on other shores.
Being a conglomerate, Sony isn’t only a Smartphone manufacturer, the company has its hands in almost any electronic business you could think of.

Despite its recent shortcomings in the Smartphone space, Sony is a huge player in the tech space and has played an important role in making technology what it is today with its previous inventions like the Sony Walkman or the Playstation gaming systems.
The OEMs newest introduction in the electronic space is a 4k security camera that is able to pinpoint unwelcomed guests in the dark.

Sony security camera

This sentinel uses Sony’s E-mount technology with 4K mirrorless lenses which enable this network camera to be able to capture “clear color video at 30fps, even when the subject is almost invisible to the naked eye,” claimed the Japanese OEM.
Some of the features that make the security camera commanding is its 12.2MP photographic sensor, making it capable of capturing videos under very dark conditions as low as.004 lux.
The company says that its device isn’t just for home security and can be used in different low light conditions like rail tunnel surveillance, after-hours museum monitoring, road ice detection and nighttime wildlife monitoring. Over WiFi, the camera can be controlled by your smartphone allowing you to capture both images and videos which can later be directly sent to a LAN network using an RJ-45 connector.
The 4K images captured can have specific parts cropped and displayed as four separate VGA(640 x 480).

Sony's Gatekeeper Is A 4K Security Camera That Can See Thieves In The Dark

Sony’s new camera is tagged with the SNC-VB770 moniker and would cost a whopping 850,000 yen, the equivalent of $7,500 and you can shell out an additional $1,600 if you want to add 35mm f/1.4 Zeiss lens, giving you the ability to capture immaculate images with a high-end glass from a very wide angle.

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