Sony Follows Nintendo into Fast Moving Mobile Gaming Market

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Mobile gaming is on the rise and game console giants like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are rightfully worried. Nintendo’s first success in the mobile gaming market came with Pokemon Go and they recently revealed the comeback of Super Mario on Apple devices.

Now Sony is also reported to be working on bringing PlayStation games to both iOS and Android via the App Store and Google’s Play Store. The company will be seeking to replicate the success of Nintendo’s Pokemon Go release earlier this year which took the world by storm.

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Sony seems to be targeting Japan mainly for now though, porting major successes like PaRappa The Rapper and Arc The Lad. The company will be going ahead with about six PlayStation titles by April 2017.

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Interestingly, Sony has seen declining sales of its own handheld mobile gaming devices like PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo has not had much success with Wii U either. In light of this, both companies seem to be turning their sights towards mobile gaming markets to try and create an ecosystem that will retain their existing users and tap new sources.

Nintendo is also working on the Switch, which is a hybrid gaming platform that can ‘switch’ between a handheld console or a proper, TV connected gaming console. It’s also slated for release in the first quarter of 2017 and is expected to do reasonably well.

Another really interesting development has been Qualcomm’s recent announcement about mobile processors being able to run the desktop version of Windows. This can essentially mean that we will be seeing PC games running on mobile devices in the not too distant future.

That will also bridge the gap between PC and mobile gaming and companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will need to stay on top of the market to remain relevant in fast changing landscape.

We can see true PC gaming enthusiasts who love building gaming PCs on their own switching over to mobile gaming anytime soon, but it’s certain that mobile gaming is not the harmless, casual, time-killing gaming platform that it used to be.


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