Some Google Pixel Users Reporting Early Battery Shutdown Issues

After Google’s first self-branded smartphones including the Pixel and Pixel XL, got so many acclamations from all sorts of critics and users alike for its battery performance, a glitch-free user interface, and amazing app features, it seems as though, the search giants are about to experience a nightmare they might never wake up from.

Earlier last month, some users were reportedly complaining of their batteries automatically shutting down, and Google promised them that it would fix the problem. Even though the problem seemed to have been solved as at that time, now some new reports are suggesting that some new Pixel users are still claiming that the problem hasn’t gone away – it anything at all, it has worsened.

Most users complained that they have experienced early shutdown issues around the battery levels of 30 percent or less. Others even complained of their battery levels reading 65percent before the sudden shutdown.

Google, who previously claimed that the problem was as a result of a hardware issue, is probably looking for newer lies to tell its many users. Many will agree that the Google phones should not be experiencing this current issue as it was just launched around three months ago. Interestingly, Nexus 6P users also recently started reporting unexpected shutdowns after they upgraded their devices to Android 7.0 Nougat.

While all hell seems to be breaking loose on the search giants, many of its competitors are waiting to see how the company plans to survive this nightmare.
Even though Google has managed to solve many problems that have been associated with its Pixel phones in the past, it’s beginning to seem very much unlikely that the search giants will be able to get themselves out of this mess.

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