Smallest (and Loudest) Bluetooth Speaker from dodocool is the Bomb

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Portable bluetooth speakers have made BBQs and picnics so much more fun (at least for me) and I’ve been carrying an awesome rugged bluetooth speaker with me on trips and hikes. However, I recently came upon the smallest bluetooth speaker I’ve ever owned and it is the bomb.

I am talking about the DA84 bluetooth speaker by dodocool, which is fast becoming one of my favorite tech brands on account of the amazing build quality and performance of their gadgets.

This mini wireless speaker also acts as a selfie remote for both Android and iOS phones but it truly shines in its real purpose and that’s sound – it is one of the loudest and clearest bluetooth speakers I’ve tested, and it’s less than half the size compared to most of them.

mini wireless portable bluetooth speaker

Don’t be fooled by its size, the dodocool D84 packs a real punch with crisp tones and clear notes along with solid bass, whether you want a soothing track in the background or a party beat for fun with friends.

Design wise the D84 is quite minimalistic with an aluminum finish and a plastic frame at the bottom with the main function key. The size is also smaller than you’d imagine, so here’s a photo for reference with its box and a dollar bill.

dodocool bluetooth speaker

The speaker grill is on the top and the function key is at the bottom along with an LED indicator and the mic.

The speaker looks high-end with its quality finish and design and fits right in with an iPhone or an Android phone or even a MacBook.

smallest bluetooth speaker with macbook

Here are the specifications for the DA84:

Color: Black, White (Optional)
Material: Aluminum Alloy + PC
Rated Power: 3W
Transmitting Frequency: 20Hz – 20kHz
THD: < 1%
S/N: > 80dB
Speaker Parameter: 36mm
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Capacity: 3.7V / 300mAh
Charging Voltage / Current: DC 5V / 300 mA
Transmission Range: Approx. 33ft /10m
Music Playing Time: Approx. 2 – 4 hrs
Item Size: Approx. 1.66 * 1.44 in / 42.1 * 36.7 mm 
Item Weight: Approx. 1.59oz / 45g

Turning on the speaker and pairing it is a breeze and once you pair it with your iPhone or Android phone, you can use the function key to take selfies with your front-facing camera without having to press any keys on the phone.

I paired it with both Android phones, iPhone, iPad and the MacBook, and the DA84 worked like a charm. Using it with the MacBook was particularly fun because the speaker was louder and clearer than the MacBook’s built-in speakers.

The audio was very loud even in a room with a group of 10 people talking and the sound is further enhanced when the speaker is placed on flat surfaces like desks.

Currently the DA84 is available with an amazing discount and for this price, it is a definite steal. If you’re looking for the smallest and loudest bluetooth portable speaker, this is as good as it gets.

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You can also read more about the speaker and get it via the official dodocool page here. What do you guys think about the DA84? Have any questions? Feel free to comment below and we’ll answer ASAP!

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