SIM Not Provisioned MM#2: Error Fix Guide

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An uncommon but annoying error some users face is the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 message on Android phones. This is basically a cellular network issue and can arise for customers of any service provider, AT&T, Telstra and so on.

When this error is displayed in the notification menu, you cannot make any regular phone calls or send texts, except for emergency numbers like 911. However, you can continue to use your phone otherwise, with WiFi connectivity.

There can be three main reasons for the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 error:

  1. Your new SIM card is not activated by the service provider yet
  2. Your existing SIM card has been deactivated or suspended by the service provider
  3. Your existing SIM card is either not sitting properly in the SIM jacket, or is damaged

Solution #1

Contact your service provider, particularly if you purchased a new SIM card. Regulations in several countries require all new SIM cards to be activated after either biometric verification, or over a phone call, or both.

In case you already had your SIM activated, you may need to wait for a little while before restarting your phone to use the SIM.

Similarly, if your existing SIM has stopped working, you can call your service provider to inquire about the reason behind suspension or deactivation.

Solution #2

You can also physically remove the SIM card from your device, clean it and insert it back, ensuring that it is completely settled in the SIM jacket and has no raised edges. While the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 error is rarely displayed due to physical damage, this solution is worth a try nevertheless.

If you cannot locate your SIM card jacket, you can refer to your phone’s manual. Some older phones have SIM jackets under the battery, which can be accessed by removing the back cover. Newer phones come with SIM jackets inserted into the sides or the top edge. These jackets have a pinhole, which releases the jacket if you insert a pin into it.

Any time you remove and insert a new SIM card, it is advisable to either toggle Airport Mode on and off or restart the phone.

If you are able to fix your SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 error using the solutions in this guide, do let us know via the comments below!

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