Sharp Launches IGZO Display at The Ongoing CEATECH 2016 Event

SHARP is a recognised name in display manufacturing industry and in recent times, several smartphones used its display. Examples include Vernee Apollo, Meizu MX6, Vkworld T1 Plus, UMi Plus, UHANS 5000.

The ongoing CEATECH 2016 expo in Japan is living up to its billing as numerous companies have assembled in order to showcase their latest offerings and share ideas about the future of smart products.

The main highlight of the event is the IoT (Internet of Things) and CPS (Cyber Physical Systems). As part of the exhibition, Japanese tech giant SHARP has unveiled a new display with the ability to cram 1000 Pixels per Inch (PPI), which seems impressive.


The most important features of displays on smartphones and VRs (Virtual Reality) are all about the sharpness, clarity, contrast, and crystal-clear viewing experience. And the higher PPI a display has under its belt, higher will be the sharpness, clarity, contrast and clear viewing experience.

Earlier reports confirmed that the IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display had been in the works for a long period and was used as a prototype for smartphone and tablet manufacturers. IGZO is a semiconductor material used in display technology to enhance the resolution and size of flat-panel displays.

As a reference, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with a 5.7” display with 518ppi and to be candid the display is just stunning in viewing experience. Now, imagine the same display with 1000ppi, the viewing experience will be enhanced beyond imagination.


The new display technology seems to be primarily targeted at the virtual reality segment in contrast to smartphones and tablets. Due to the growing popularity of VR headsets, the demand for sharper displays has been on the rise, making SHARP the solution giver. The newest 1,000ppi IGZO display represents a noteworthy step in the right direction for the future of VR.

Since the display information is limited, we expect more news to emerge soon!

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