See Why Recently Launched UMi Handset is Dubbed the UMi Max

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UMi is a small smartphone manufacturing company in China not many of you are familiar with. This is as a result of its fewer adverts of their products compared to other smartphone giants.

Lately, the UMi brand has produced solid phones like UMi Iron, the UMi Super, and the one that has caught several headlines among international media and caused a chill down the spine of Android fans is the UMi Max.

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However, the new smartphone was released August 5, priced at an extremely attractive rate but many are confused about what the “Max” in the UMi stands for.

According to UMi’s marketing department, they stated four reasons why the UMi Max is called so and can be seen below:

  • Max means maximum screen size of the device while keeping the footprint low. This is as a result of the ergonomic design inspired from two well-known characters, Popeye and Hulk. As sharp and subtle as the Popeye and as powerful as the Hulk.
  • The next reason refers to its maximum beauty, having a simple yet very pleasing and a clutter-free design with sleek edges.
  • The maximum power which features a high-performance MediaTek MT6755 Helio P10 processor along with 3GB RAM, making it suitable for high-end games such as the trendy Pokemon Go and Asphalt 6.
  • The last reason is the maximum battery capacity, as it maintains a slim design and is powered by a large battery of 4000mAh which gives the smartphone device long hours of usage. Having these combined features, the flagship is a complete battery beast.

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Other features of this phone include USB Type C, HiFi+ support, expandable storage of up to 256GB, and a 7-colour breathing light button, and more! Despite being rich in specs, the UMi Max comes at an affordable price tag of just $169.99, as it is currently selling for $40 less and only limited stocks are available.

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