Samsung Will Showcase Four AR and VR Projects on Exhibition at MWC 2017

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At the upcoming Mobile World Congress, Korean giants Samsung will exhibit four new augmented and virtual reality projects out of the C-Lab program. C-Lab or Creative Lab is the chaebol’s in-house initiative that gives employees time off to work on their most innovative ideas.

The projects will be exhibited at 4 Years from Now (4YFN), a platform for start-up businesses with the aim connect and network with investors.

The products on display will be a smart aid for the visually impaired, a monitor-less PC viewing glasses, a VR home furnishing solution, and a 360-degree travel experience platform. Now to a quick rundown of the products.


This is a Gear VR application designed to help visually impaired people read books and watch TV with new levels of clarity. It helps to enhance visuals and texts. It is stated that it has the “ability to remap blind spots by displaying images and uses an Amsler grid chart to correct distorted images caused by metamorphopsia” (a condition where straight lines appear wavy).


VuildUs is a collection of a 360° depth camera and a mobile app. It allows you to have a preview of what a piece of furniture would look like in your home before purchasing it. First, you need the camera to scan your home and build a VR version of it and see how it fits into your home before purchasing.


Monitorless is a twin of glasses that combines VR and AR together. Allowing you to view content from a computer or smartphone without the need for a display. You can access the contents of your phone by pairing the glasses via Wi-Fi Direct.


Lastly is the traVRer. It is a 360° video platform that you can use to explore popular locations around the world without leaving your house. It is similar to what Google offers with Street View but followed with sound and video.

Samsung will be showcasing and demoing all these new innovative devices and platforms at its MWC event.

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