Samsung who? Huawei is Now The World’s Most Profitable Android Smartphone Brand

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Sometime this year, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei was reportedly discovered to have crushed the South Korean giant tech (Samsung) to claim the spot of the world’s most profitable Android device maker, showing a turnaround in Samsung’s fortunes.

Based on a third quarter survey for 2016, it was noticed that Samsung stood out from all other Android phone makers in terms of the volume and value of devices it shipped. Nevertheless, after the tech company’s disaster incurred from its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s smartphone profits experienced a significant fall that gave at least three of its major competitors a clear lead in the game.


While it is no secret that the Apple Company continues to dominate the global smartphone operating profits, earning a total of $8.5bn which is 91% of the total share – Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung and every other OEM device manufacturers makes up the remaining 9 percent of the market.

Huawei, with a 2.4% share and $200m total earnings is followed by Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo with a 2.2% share just under $200m – also followed by another Chinese smartphone device maker Oppo Electronics with also a 2.2% share, under $200m – and finally all other Android OEM device manufacturers – including Samsung – who jointly have a 2.2% share.


Huawei, Vivo and Oppo which now makes three of the world’s top four most profitable smartphone companies, have not only improved their smartphone products this year but have gone as far as enhancing their operational abilities as well as keeping a tight lid on expanding distribution costs

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