Samsung Tightened Security to Prevent Galaxy S8 Prototype Leak

Just recently, the Samsung smartphone manufacturing company ordered its employees to tighten security in an effort to successfully launch the Galaxy S8 due to take place in early 2017. Many will agree that Samsung is definitely not looking to take any chances with the unveiling of its next generation flagship in order to avoid similar problems that happened with the Galaxy Note 7.

Every now and then, leaks of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 tend to surface, with confirmation with major revealings being confirmed by the company and a whole lot of supply chain sources.


All leaks including, the resolution of the screen, the absence of the headphone jack and home button, the processor and even the incorporation of a brand new AI have all been aired out in the open, much before the phone is been launched.

In regards to the phone’s specifications, many will agree that every single piece of information reported by the media may not always be accurate. While majority of those rumors coming from both supply chain and component developers have proved to be quite on point for the past decades, however, many people still find it hard to believe rumors surrounding their favorite smartphone.

Galaxy S8

The South Korean tech giants apparently, does not want its competitors, especially Chinese ones, to take advantage of the leaks of its products in any way possible, whether harmful or not. Many will agree that Samsung is a just too fragile, as it feels, its competitors might end up incorporating similar features into their upcoming smartphone devices. After the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the company has been doing all it can to make Galaxy S8 a master piece.



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