Samsung Shows What’s Next in Amazing New Fashion Photo Shoot

Samsung is known for its expensive marketing campaigns and given how their latest offerings, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note Edge weren’t the stars they had hoped, the company is putting a lot in the promotion of the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.

Apart from these upcoming flagships, Samsung has also revealed plans to release the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch which departs from the existing design language and aims at becoming a more natural and seamless accessory.

To promote these upcoming products, Samsung has released a new fashion photo shoot, which we must say is quite amazing if you’re a techie by nature.

Samsung Galaxy Note, S6 Edge+ and Gear S2 Pictures

Not only do you get to see the upcoming flagships in action, you can also see the Gear S2 in two of the pictures. Clearly though, Samsung has put a lot of money in this shoot and while some will like it and some won’t, we fall into the former category.

The gadgets all look really sleek and blend in without much effort. Moreover, Samsung has gone the length of explaining their reasons behind the claims. For instance, when they say that their next line of gadgets is bold, they are referring to live streaming.

Samsung Galaxy Note, S6 Edge+ and Gear S2 Pictures

If you like these shots, you can check out the  complete Samsung fashion shoot below.

What are your thoughts about this fashion shoot as a marketing move for Samsung’s upcoming flagships. It clearly will appeal to a lot of people, and if nothing, will at least get Samsung’s upcoming offerings some attention.

We also like the Gear smartwatch’s departure from the rectangular form factor because that essentially limited its target audience to techies or people who like rectangular watches (not many). The round design looks a lot more natural and we’re curious to see it in action.

All these gadgets are expected to be released at IFA 2015 next month but there have been lots of recent leaks about the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 Edge+ that have left little to the imagination.

We’d love to know what you think of this photo shoot and the gadgets in it, so comment below to share your thoughts.

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