Samsung Might Build Two Different Types of Foldable Smartphone Models

There has been a lot of ongoing rumours about what Samsung’s foldable smartphones look like as well as when they are likely to hit the market. A new report, however, claims that the South Korean tech giants are very much likely to develop two different variants of the foldable smartphone device.

Samsung which has reportedly disclosed its intentions to release a foldable device in 2017 is currently making two completely different foldable phones as the company seems to be pursuing a “two-track strategy” for both devices.

The first device which is dual-screen smartphone is likely going to sport a flat display on either side with a flexible joint in between, while the other one will be a single flexible OLED display that can be bent in any way possible.

If this news turns out to be true, the dual-screen smartphone is likely going to be the first to be launched. If the phone sells in the market, Samsung might just decide to produce in large quantity the second type of foldable smartphone device.

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In regards to the release dates of the two model, the first has been rumoured to likely surface sometime in 2017 even though we don’t know the exact month if falls on. According to new reports, the South Korean tech giants are reportedly looking to have the release date of the smartphone earlier than any of its major competitors. Lenovo and Oppo, on the other hand, have already showcased flexible displays, not too long ago.

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