Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button Can Now Be Remapped Using This App

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Shortly after the unveiling of Samsung’s top-end Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ handsets, that is already doing so well in the global market, it was discovered that the dedicated Bixby button on both devices, could be reconfigured to launch other applications as well, including rival Android virtual assistant and Google Assistant.

However, the tech giants acted as a party pooper as it managed to block this remapping workaround by rolling out an update. Interestingly enough, another way to remap the dedicated Bixby button has reportedly been spotted on the Google Play store.

The Bixby Button Remapper application on Android, basically lets a user remap the dedicated physical Bixby button to launch most of the services that were pushed out

Apparently, the app has the capacity to remap the button to run the camera app, flashlight, power menu, Google Now, and amongst other services. However, the button doesn’t seem capable of launching Google Assistant as of now.

For most users, wondering how this app is able to perform this functionality, it is pretty basic in its approach compared to previous methods that required system level changes.

The Bixby Button Remapper application kills off the Hello Bixby app instantly and instead launches the best-loved function opted by the user.

For those that have tried it out, know that the Bixby Button Remapper application appears to work in a very quick manner and offers a great level of customization options to users.

The South Korean company had previously announced that the support for voice commands will be included later on and the Bixby assistant feature only supports two languages as of now.

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