Samsung Galaxy S8+ Users Report Wireless Charging Problems

Not too long ago, early adopters of Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S8 device, reported red tinges on their display panels.

Even though Samsung was able to quickly calm the whole situation by promising its consumers of an update expected to solve the issue, many are still unconvinced.

Following that, a new report has just cropped up again, and Galaxy S8+ users are complaining about their wireless charging features.

These users are reporting that their handsets are refusing to charge even when using Samsung branded wireless charging pads.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices were pushed out with wireless charging capabilities. However, users have thronged Samsung’s community page with complaints about the feature.

According to the reports, affected users claimed that device usually shows a ‘wireless charging paused’ sign continuously, upon which, after a while, notifies users of an irregular charging whilst their phones were still connected to their charging plates.

Interestingly, some users went ahead to release a video that showed the Samsung-branded charging plates and chords being used, but couldn’t get the Galaxy S8+ device to charge.

Notably, this issue seems to be limited only to Galaxy S8+ users, as there have been no reports of a similar issue by Galaxy S8 users.

While Samsung is still yet to comment, one thread, however, claims that the issue can be eliminated by using the right adapter and genuine Samsung fast wireless charging pad.


Projecting a very high possibility, one tipster discloses that third-party and knock-off Samsung wireless charging pads may be the reason for the ‘paused’ error. Nevertheless, users will just have to wait for the Samsung to comment on this issue.

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