Samsung Galaxy S6 Memory Leak Fix (Build.Prop File Editing) Posted on XDA

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Android Lollipop has had several bugs from day one and the folks over at Google have been fixing them with updates. However, the memory leak issue, basically related with RAM management, is one of the most severe bugs, and has been predominantly affecting Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S6.

While the upcoming Android 5.1 update will fix the memory leak issue for the Samsung S6, users who have rooted their phones can use a fix posted on XDA forums until they receive the official update.

Reportedly, you can edit your build.prop file and add the following lines to fix the memory leak issue in the S6. However, before you do so, please understand that there are always risks associated with modifying system files.

Edit your build.prop file and change the two lines under #DHA Properties to the following:



Now add these 4 lines:





Now Scroll down and remove duplicate entries of the following lines (after DHA properties)





Lastly change your LMK values as follows:


Users who have tried this fix report that it works and considerably improves the Galaxy S6’s RAM management and memory leak issue. Still, some apps, like Chrome, may cause problems unless you install the latest update or flash a modified kernel.

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Once again, this fix is possible for rooted Samsung Galaxy S6 owners, while those with unrooted phones will need to wait for the official Lollipop 5.1 update. Even if you have a rooted phone though, use caution when modifying system files.

Finally, since we haven’t tried this fix ourselves, we can’t attest to its validity and safety. If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback about the Galaxy S6’s memory leak issue and its fix, please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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