Samsung Galaxy S6 Comes with Microsoft’s Android Apps Pre-installed

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is here (we’re working on a review) and interestingly it comes bundled with a couple of Microsoft apps out of the box. While we’re accustomed to seeing Google apps pre-installed in almost all Android devices, Samsung’s decision comes as a surprise.

However, the two giants recently settled their dispute around royalties and struck a new confidential deal to make peace and this may just be the first step towards their new partnership against Google’s monopoly. The Galaxy S6, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona came with Skype, OneDrive and OneNote bundled with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Earlier it was also rumored that the Galaxy S6 may also come with Microsoft’s Office Suite for Android pre-installed, but that isn’t the case as yet.

Galaxy S6 owners will also receive 115 GBs of storage space on OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s cloud storage akin to Dropbox. This new partnership between Samsung and Microsoft is interesting given Microsoft’s support of Cyanogen, a project aiming to create an Android ecosystem parallel to the one created by Google.

Microsoft Android Apps on Samsung Galaxy S6

Microsoft has also been experimenting with its own Android apps via their Garage project, which has so far yielded three apps, including two lock screens and one Keyboard App for Microsoft Excel on Android.

While OneDrive and OneNote may not be as popular as other alternatives, Skype has become a staple video calling app on Android, allowing Microsoft to keep a foot in the door. However, if the software giant is serious about making inroads into the Android ecosystem, it will have to work on solutions and apps that can rival Google’s offerings.

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