Samsung Galaxy Note7 will Become Obsolete in The US With New Update

Following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has reportedly disclosed its new plans to render all the remaining Galaxy Note 7 phones in the US as obsolete immediately after the company rolls out the new update.

According to reports, the release which is due for December 19, will automatically turn all the Galaxy Note7 smartphones non-usable. The tech giants have revealed this is the final update for the recalled Galaxy Note7 smartphone devices.

Samsung has been reportedly battling with trying to convince many of its customers to return their Galaxy Note7 devices. After paying almost $850, it only seems fair enough that these customers be reluctant to have their devices taken away from them.

In a bid to ensure the safety of its many customers, Samsung has been gradually killing the Galaxy Note 7 and with this new update, the devices will basically become inoperable. With the update expected to surface by December 19, every remaining device will get the update before the period of 30 days of its availability expires. The update was built in a way that, it’s supposed to prevent Galaxy Note7 from charging as well as disabling the phone’s cellular connectivity.

An exchanged Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 is seen at company’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, October 13, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Recently, Samsung reportedly issued an update that limited battery recharge cycle of Galaxy Note 7 users to a 60 percent. The update was also responsible for sending a notification about the recall every time user’s screens are turned on. With this new update, users will experience a charging incapability hiccup as well as network connectivity issues that will mean they’ll have to return it unfailingly.

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